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. same with scott walker saying, well, i can't in good conscious do this. you tried in good conscience to not do this for years. >> rick scott. >> rick scott. >> talking about -- i mean, rick scott, who literally was wearing a t-shirt for the last several hundred days that said repeal obama care is now buying in. cathleen, secretary of health and human services, joy, calls this something that is too good to pass up. >> it's too good to pass up. i'm sorry. i didn't mean to laugh in the face of rick scott's great compassion. this guy's signature policy was to drug test the poor. this is a guy who is so compassionate about the poor that he literally led the fight of 22 states all the way to the supreme court to stop health care. he just wrote an op ed, literally two months ago, saying absolutely not, hell no, we're not taking this medicaid money. what they should have said is i am a swing state republican, and i can't get re-elected in 2014 if the hospital interests many my state come and threaten me with their own bankruptcy and then run against me or fund my opponent. these guys all got
? it can be a surname, a first name. >> scott walker. >> scott walker? interesting call. good to see you. you can always come back here, we're not going to ban you or fire you. >>> coming up, we'll talk about what dick morris just said, about the future of the republican party. kerry kennedy joins me live to talk about guns in america. oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook. >>> joining me now two people who likely disagree about what dick morris just had to say. cnn contributor, elise jordan. and a speech writer for condoleezza rice. i think the headlines for me were, he blamed hurricane sandy for why he had been so wrong about the romney landslide. clearly had no time for john boehner. he thinks scott walker should be the next republican leader, and he says he was basically left from fox for being wrong at the top of his lungs. where do you start with all that? >> i thought he was graceful, first of all. i thought he was being
leading the party for the next election? it can be a surname, a first name. >> scott walker. >> scott walker? interesting call. good to see you. you can always come back here, we're not going to ban you or fire you. >>> coming up, we'll talk about what dick morris just said, about the future of the republican party. kerry kennedy joins me live to talk about guns in america. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] i took something for my sinuses, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ] >>> joining me now two people who likely disagree about what dick morris just had to say. cnn contributocontributor, alos. and a speech writer for condoleezza rice. i think the headlines for me were, he blamed hurricane sandy for why he had been so wrong about the romney landslide. clearly had no time for john boehner. he thinks scott walker should be the ne
the fact that he has the courage to say them. there are obama/scott walker supporters. i do not agree with everything he's done, but there are voters who look at what he did, look at what i did, and say, at least there are people who follow up on their beliefs. people in times of crisis are hungry for leadership. >> let me ask you about 2016, less on your own plan, but should the next president come from the ranks of the governors? >> absolutely. up until the last election, four years ago, the last time we elected someone who is not a governor or vice president or president for reelection was 1960. every other president has been a governor, vice president or resident. it makes sense. the american people want someone who has been tested. the governor is a chief executive, the buck stops with you. a lot of great governors -- jeb bush had some very nice things to say about you over the years. education policy is one area you both feel passionately about. if abner bush ran for president, would that be a hillary like impact in terms of scaring people away? >> it would have an impact. look
into the next election? it can be a surname, a first name. >> scott walker. >> scott walker? interesting call. dick morris, good to see you. you can always come back here to cnn. we're not going to ban you or fire you. good to see you. >>> coming up later we'll have an all-star panel after the break talking about what dick morris just said about the future of the republican party and later kerry kennedy joins me live to talk about guns in america. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing. pretty sweet, huh? cute. but don't you have any apps on your phone that can make your life easier? who do you think i am, quicken loans? at
's -- next, gov. scott walker delivered in a state of the state address. this is over half an hour. [applause] >> is my privilege to introduce our friends, the governor of the state of wisconsin, and scott walker. >> thank you. thank yo u. u. thank you. thank you. minority leader larson, minority leader barca, members of the wisconsin supreme court, constitutional officers, tribal leaders, members of the cabinet, distinguished guests, members of the legislature, most importantly, fellow citizens of is an honor to appear before you tonight. before we get started, i would like to introduce the first lady of wisconsin, my wife, tonette. sons, matt and alex, and my family. next to my wife is major general don dunbar, our adjutant general. wisconsin national guard. ladies and gentlemen, we are moving wisconsin forward with bold vision and bright hope for the future. i introduce any more members my family is going to be set to missed the kick up. i do want to thank don dunbar. thank you to them and to each of the wisconsin national guard as well. stood here as your new governor, wisconsin was facin
to coax business toss relocate to their state and governor scott walker against who? well, governor walker is here next and we'll find out. vice-president joe biden, he's done it again. what did he say this time? he'll see for yourself coming up. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. watch this -- alakazam! ♪ [ ma announcer ] staples has always made getting office supplies easy. ♪ another laptop? don't ask. disappear! abracadabra! alakazam! [ male announcer ] and now we're making it easier to get everything for your small business. and for my greatest trick! enough! [ male announcer ] because whatever you need, we'll have it find it, and get ito you fast. staples. that was easy. >> they need to know which cuts help us on education and scientific and the rest are hurtful and the rest by sequestration, so i
their budgets and drive some states into recession? we'll talk with two leading governors, scott walker, of wisconsin and jack markell of delaware. with the president and republicans eyeball-to-eyeball who will blink first and our power player of the week, a brain surgeon touches a political nerve in washington. all, right now, on fox news sunday. ♪ >> chris: and hello, again, from fox news in washington. when all sides agreed to the sequester a year-and-a-half ago those automatic across-the-board spending cuts were supposed to be so painful it would force the president and congress to make a deal. but, now, jwith just five days o go there is no deal and the deadline is here. joining us, two senate leaders on budget issues, from oklahoma republican tom coburn and from missouri, democrat claire mccaskill. senators, let's start with the big question, quick question, quick answer, will the sequester happen? will those $85 billion in spending cuts kick in on friday? senator coburn? >> yes, it will and it is not $85 billion, because it is a pro rata portion of that, until the end of the ye
discussion with scott walker, having a talk, a discussion and he'll respond to the tactics spew bid obama. the governor will join me live straight ahead. so, this board gives me rates for progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive. call or click today. stay top of mind with customers? from deals that bring them in with an offer... to social media promotions that turn fans into customers... to events that engage and create buzz... to e-mails that keep loyal customers coming back, our easy-to-use tools will keep you in front of your customers. see what's right for you at >> for 16 months the president has been travelling all over the country holding rallies instead of sitting down with leaders in order to it forge an agreement and move a bill. we have moved a
what scott walker did today. >>> plus look out rush limbaugh. he's being called out by a conservative. and i'm applauding. >>> plus, the one and only mya angelou joins "politicsnation," the iconic activist on disrespect of president obama and more. big show ahead. stay with us. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands? campbell's has 24 new soups that wiand over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> have you joined the "politicsnation" conversation on facebook yet? we hope you will. today this newly released photo of the president editing his inauguration speech was a big hit. we asked folks to tell us their favorite line from any obama speech. pat's favorite, the size of your checkbook shouldn't determine your child's future. karen's favorite is, only in america is my story possible.
with two leading governors. scott walker of wisconsin and jack markell of delaware. plus, with the president and republicans eye ball to eye ball who will blink first? we will ask our fund panel which side is winning the sequester blame game. and our power player of the week. a brain surgeon touches a political nerve in washington. all right now on "fox news sunday." >> chris: and hello again from fox news in washington. when all sides agreed to the sequester a year and a half ago is automatic across-the-board spending cuts were supposed so be so painful it would force the president and congress to make a deal. now, with just five days to go there is still no deal. and the deadline is here. joining us today two senate leaders on budget issues. from oklahoma, republican tom coburn. and from missouri, democrat claire mccasskill. about the sequester happen. will the spending cuts kick in on friday? senator coburn? >> they will. it is not $85 billion because it is a pro rata portionle that until the end of the year so it won't be a full 85 billion. >> chris: but it is going t
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scott walker. [applause]>> now, governor jack markel delivers the annual state of the state address, talking about education, gun safety. this is about 40 minutes from the statehouse in dover. >> i am looking forward to hearing your address. >> lt. governor denn, members of the 147th general assembly, other elected officials, members of the judiciary, members of the cabinet, our state employees, carla, the people of delaware. to our new legislative leaders, president pro tem blevins and speaker schwartzkopf, congratulations.[applause] february 18 thank you for inviting me to address you today. forty years ago, korea was widely considered to be a third world country, having barely begun to rebuild from war recently, a korean poultry company purchased allen foods in sussex county and saved hundreds of jobs. this is the world we now live in. evraz of russia owns the steel plant in claymont. german-based fraunhofer plans to expand its research and development in newark. companies from many other countries are important employers throughout our state. this is the world we now live in. ar
are talking all about that. can't believe how much we are talking about the oscars. governor scott walker is inside. we will talk about how calvin coolidge is cool again. nicki fitness tells us how to get in shape. you have 11 minutes to make everyone continue to smile. >> but i don't have calvin coolidge. >> it is about 10 minutes to the top of the hour. robert gibbs says he was told to never talk about the administration's controversial drone program. he said quote when i went through the process of becoming press secretary one of the first things they told me was you are not even to acknowledge the drone program. you are not even to discuss that it exists. while on the red carpet for the academy awards last night zero dark 30 was talk -- he has been there on charges of treason. >> last night was hollywood's biggest night. the oscars of course. and from the red carpet to the actual award there were some surprises and michael was there and he's going to have all of that for us moments from now. in the meantime you might have noticed before fox and friends first fox news channel has been
at an event held last week. governors dan malloy scott walker and bill haslam were guests at politicos state solution conference. other topics included gun control and immigration reform. this is 90 minutes. >> we are joined by governor dan malloy from the nutmeg state of of --. >> the wailers, the people that worked on the whaling ships. >> i shouldn't have brought that up but to pass the time they took up carving and to make money they carved not make and then they would go to port and sell them as if it was not make when all it was was carved wood, hence the name. it's not a nice term. i do not carve wood to look like nutmeg and try to sell it. >> while i apologize. governor thanks so much for taking the time today and i first wanted to extend our condolences for the losses that your state suffered in december at newtown. i thought we would start there because it's been a big part of your life since mid-december. the vice president was in the state i believe in danbury and he used that opportunity to roll out some proposals. do you want to talk about that for minute? >> i'm happy to. firs
that democrats would actually, once they dig a little deeper probably would have a hard time with him. scott walker said the next republican president should absolutely be a governor. mitt romney was a governor george w. bush was a governor, you would think they might want turn to the senate but is chris christie a likely candidate? >> i think governors actually sun governors. the guys in the senate at least lately, they seem to yell at each other and yell at the white house a lot. four years is a long time. i think he has a game plan of overwhelmingly being reelected governor again in a democratic state. i think he is going to show that he has raise a ton of money, and that will be part of the appeal when they decide who is going to be running for president in 2016. and maybe by then some of the people who are really unhappy with him about being nice to obama, maybe that will be old hat by then and maybe the tea party won't even exist in four years, who knows. >> michael: i doubt that can going to happen. bob, we are did a whole interview, i can't ask you one question a
by governors in republican -- states with republican governors. scott walker, rick scott, john kasic. martinez, sandval. it must be great justification for president reagan that even folkses on the other side like keith are praising his organization. >> keith's honest about this stuff. reagan had to make a deal. i agree. i was there for several keedeal. one was bad, the 83 tax and spend. the 82 deal kept them going for three decades. the 86 tax reform deal was a good deal. is that lacking in the gop now -- the art of deal-making? reagan knew how to do it. >> you left off the list the 86 immigration deal which turned out to be a disaster. the tax and spend deal and the immigration deal where conservatives learned from that saying when liberals promise that the tax cuts or the spending cuts are going to happen or the enforcement will happen, those never necessarily seem to materialize. maybe there were lessons learned. >> let me jump in. >> real quick. >> the reason it failed was it was unenforced by the bush administration. the second, many immigrants who came here came from communist oppressio
. and this week, they voted it down in committee. in wisconsin, wisconsin's republican governor scott walker said he thought the idea was interesting. after that got a lot of attention back home, he said he had serious concerns about it. in ohio, where the republicans floated the idea days after the election, he and the republicans now say oh, nobody in ohio is talking about doing this thing. so that is florida, virginia, wisconsin and ohio deciding to not try to pull this off. but michigan? michigan is different. michigan, they just had their sneak attack right to work law that they came out in favor of. introduced, passed -- they came out in favor of it, introduced it, signed it into law all within a space of a week during an election in which they never mentioned it. voters repealed it. michigan republicans responded by just passing another one in the way that it couldn't be repealed this time. you know, the will of the voters. michigan republicans don't give a bleep about bad press or the will of the voters, or doing what they said they would do, and they do not care. so as republicans were b
to figure out if we can do a better job. even groups involved in primaries. i'm a friend of scott walker. i went and spoke at the convention that nominated him. do you think he's a conservative? one group opposed him for nomination for governor. so even conservative groups don't get it right. the issue is can we begin to do a better job so we target our money and resources better behind it? and get candidates who can win the general election? >> so most conservative candidate that can win it poor ashley judd, come on. now, making fub of her saying she's. >> by using her comments saying i'm deliciously radical saying abusive things about president obama who lost kentucky bay large double digit gap. she's way far out on the left wing of the democratic party.. >> and why spending money so earl sfli. >> we spent 10,000ses today put it on the internet. $2500 into the ad. we don't want to have happen in connecticut -- ket kt what happened in minnesota. where al franken knew, i need to have a short campaign. i don't want people to know a lot about me except i'm a celebrity and a nice guy. she does
. a generation of new leaders not just marco but paul ryan and scott walker who are emerging and will be the leaders of the party going forward and marco is a great impassionate advocate for limited government and strong national defense and limited -- >> chris: let me ask you to wrap this up. as someone who wante wanted mao rubio to run last year? how big of a difference. >> i'm not sure he is at the top. he will give the response and tom can give the response next year and we will have the rubio cotton ticket in 2016. >> chris: when this guy talks we listen. all right, panel, we have to take a break here. we we come back some members of congress demand new checks on the president's power to launch drone strik >>> it was a limited covert pro gram. now, everybody knows about it. and i think we need to see that this program is really run according to the american constitution. >> chris: senator dianne feinstein suggesting creation of a secret drone court where the president would have to go to get approval before putting terror suspects on his kill list and we are back now you
that problem. both for republican fors as matter of policy it's unlikely. there are alternatives. scott walker said i'm not taking this because the federal government covers this for 100% for three years, 890% after that in theory. if the federal government is broke how long is it going to cover even 90% of this? i don't think long. then there is the political matter for republicans where there is still a fight to be had on obamacare. deeply unpopular. the imple mation will be a disaster. you do not want to be seen as a party, or the individual politicians as abetting what is going to be a certain policy disaster coming up shortly. >> bret: next up, another day closer to sequester. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. campbell's. you know, from our 4,000 television commercials. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, sav
always wanted it. jean? >> i think i'd be curious to follow around governor scott walker of wisconsin. he started much of the antiunion business that crossed the country. others followed him. he is second tier on our talk about presidentials. but he talked about bold leadership. that's what you need. >> and he's been reaffirmed. he's won two elections. >> i'm going to follow around john kasich. the guy still wants to be president. remember when he -- >> i remember. i think i was the lone guy. sometimes the only reporter. >> exactly. this is ohio comeback. right? and he's certainly -- >> all right. i think the big guy is bobby jindal. i think he is turning into a serious, serious front-runner. shameless plugs. amy, you first. >> so on the way here had to listen to a lot from npr in their pledge drive. >> yeah. >> you know what? let's give it to public radio. >> all right. moving the pledge right on air. this is going to kill people. we'll cut you off quickly. >> bloomer poll today looks at two things. sequester and also deficit. on deficit the public thinks it's getting higher when it's ge
are in town. i know you're excited about that. we'll be talking to scott walker and jack markell or delware and have to ask marcel about joe biden's suggestion that joe biden should get a shat shot gun and start blasting aim from the balcony. turns out it's against the law. >> shepard: it is. i was reading on the blog you were dancing around the idea of mitt romney becoming a contributor here. >> i wasn't, that wag somebody adding up two and two and coming to seven. he is not going to work at fox news. >> shepard: just cure you get all internal information from the blog so i figured i'd ask you. chris, have a great weekend. >> thank you. >> shepard: an up and coming rapper was among the victims of the shooting and car cabrera crash in the heart of the vegas strip in front of the bellagio. we have cell phone video that shows the fiery aftermath. the police say the man was driving the maserati when somebody pulled up in a range rover, just opened fire. the sports car slammed into a taxi, which exploded in flames. the cab driver and a passenger also died. the rapper went by the name of kenny c
, they would haed the message from the jan brewers and scott walkers and say to themselves, look, that's a pretty good compromise because no middle class working people get hit by that. legality let's go with that. the president is willing to, almost 2 1/2 times as many cuts. let's get this thing done. >> but isn't that the point, governor? the point is that the millionaires and the billionaires are not going to be hurt by this at all. even if you close the hoop holes. but ordinary people, i'm talking about that mother watching this show tonight that has got to deal with the fact that come friday head start's gone. i'm talking about teachers. i'm talking about people that have been trying to make ends meet, that all of a sudden everything is going to snap out of nothing that they did wrong, only because of some stubbornness and political brinkmanship. can't the leaders of this country get it together? >> let me add middle class parents who zpend depend on the government to help with their autistic kids. it's stunning that we allowed this crisis, we're letting this crisis because of pol
republican, take a scott walker, for example or any other number of republican governors, what do you think we should focus on. what you're hearing from people like that, the same thing people are reading everywhere, maybe soft peddling some of the things less popular and focusing some of the things that are low taxes or economic growth and that, you know, but the problem that we've seen, i think it's safe to say in the congress over the last however many months is that inside the party that debate is happening making it hard to assemble a coalition to agree on a deal that would get everyone out of this sequestration mess. michael: not just inside the party, but inside the congress. listen to john boehner admonishing the senate, his own senators. >> the president's been traveling all over the country holding rallies instead of sitting down with senate leaders in order to try to forge an agreement over there in order to move the bill. we have moved the bill in the house twice. we should not have to move a third bill before the senate gets off their ass and begins to do something. michael: be
president king points to the recall as a prime example. that election kept the pro-rights gun advocate scott walker in office. >> gun owners in this country have as much influence as they always have, and perhaps more because guns are more acceptable now than they were ten years ago. >> reporter: and in case you were wondering, besides jeff flake, seven other republicans on the senate judiciary committee have gotten money from the nra for their campaign since 1998. >> there seems to be a little bit of a split, patrick leahy on one side, on the other, diane feinstein, not all the democrats are on the same page. >> absolutely, it is the kind of thing that gets a lot of democrats thinking about what is going to happen to them in the next election, especially if they come from states that lean republican. >> money still talks. >> it certainly does, and the nra still has clout, perhaps they didn't do well in the last election. >> all right, thank you joe, for that. >>> and we were anticipating fireworks, but it turned out to be even tougher than a lot of us expected. republicans grilled hagel, ra
claire mchaskell. and the governs are in town, scott walker of wisconsin of the collective bargaining public workers union fame, and jack marquell, the governor of delaware. we'll have to ask about joe biden's comments that, biden should get a shot gun and if there's an intruder, start blasting away from their balcony. turns out that's against the law. >> that airs right here at 9:00 a.m. see you this weekend. >> thanks, brian. >>> coming up next, looking for a job? how about slipping into a pair of these. it turns out a whole lot of people want to be this guy. >> and a disgusting post-sandy problem, rats running ram pant in the big apple. how the city is taking action on the news edge at 11:00.  we're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't
, there are two options, one they allow governor scott walker to come from wisconsin to illinois and fix the budget problem. politicians in illinois have been paid off by public sector unions, there is no way they will renegotiate the pensions, only way to do it is to file bankruptcy. fight for the taxpayer, the public sectorrion unions have de the pay for play deal, and terms of politician given them huge pensions and huge policies, we need to break this cycle. >> in a perfect world, i guess, but bond holders, and secure spreadtors, you have a bunch of people who'll get soaked. neil: they would move to the front of the line. >> if they do move to the front of the line. you have you know, then at end of detail ill said they want more credit, and they will not be able to, who will fix, roads and bridges and school. practical application, you can't have a state to go bankrupt, they are too big to fail. neil: not that i recommend it for anyone but there is a point in if they are not showing resolve to get their expenses under control to address from union contract to costs in municipality,
. we really appreciate it. [applause] those watching at home and at work, we have gov. scott walker from wisconsin and joining us next. thank you so much. we appreciate it. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] good to see you. you just got governor malloy on the way out. your counterpart from connecticut. is there any common ground you have? what policy issues d.c. eye to eye on? >> i think the idea, let out a number of issues, putting more responsibility in the hands of the states is pretty common ground. there are certain -- i think that is pretty common. what's all of the people in this room know who you are. not just because we all love the badger state and the great cheese from your state but because obviously what took place in madison famously over the issue of public employees and organized labor. i was struck by the story that the ap moved last month from scott bauer who is the correspondent to the capital. he said "scott walker adopting a lower profile." >> i didn't know about that. the issues we h
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